50th Year Wynnewood Road Elementary School

Reunion - Class of 1960 (K) to 1967.

So, for anyone who started with us in 1960 or was

in any of our classes thru 1967 when we graduated -

  We are going to have a little get together across the street from South Ardmore Park.

436 E. Spring Ave. Ardmore, Penna. 19003

Date: Sunday, July 2, 2017

Time: 1pm (if you'd like to show up early and help us set up, ... great.)

Dress:  whatever = very casual

Bring:  whomever - just yourself or anyone you like

Food:  We'll be getting some basic stuff like soft pretzels, maybe some hoagies, soda, beer

            but feel free to bring anything or nothing at all.  

Other:  If you're local and can bring a few light lawn chairs, that'd be great.

Activities: none planned. John Keaveny has challenged me to a game of marbles 'cause he knows he can still beat me.

                  GloriaJean says she's up for some four-square. We can play that at the park across the street.

                  Could we get Miss Landis to bring some of those big pink gym balls.

                   If it rains, we could go over to the school and use the gym and play some bombardment.

                  (I loved that game but nobody knows what I'm talking about when I mention it!)

I did send out an invite to people for whom I have an email address.

If you didn't get it, go here: http://evite.me/v49H674dYS

And, PLEASE, if you are in contact with anyone in our class, please send them this invite.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me at: arthurkatsapis@gmail.com

  As of March 9th, we have 15 people who plan to attend with another 4 maybes.


Here are the folks who have said yes:

Beverly (Mrs) McCausland

  (we'd all better listen to Peter & The Wolf in case she quizzes us on the instruments!)

Betsy Cunningham

Paula Senatore Digiacomo

Ridley Enslow

Gloriajean Falcone

Shelley Fairman Guinessy

Suzanne Keenan

John Keaveney

Ruth (Evelyn) Stokes Mason

Allen Pendleton

Kevin McDermott

Barry Nagelberg

Charles Patterson

Barbara Ilgren Russell

Carol Wagner



John Alan Davids

Susan Collins Dannenberg

Rick Feldman

Cathie Freeman

Bob MacKenzie



Helen Hess Fleming

Dave Merrill (can't make it but wishes us well)


Viewed Invite But Have Not Yet Replied:

Mike Carp

Diana Chimes

Jill Crystal

Mark Eidelson

David Giangiulio

Barbara Jaffe

Louise Jaffe

Lori Shassian Kelly

Debbie Meyers

Jill Rappaport

Mark Rohlfs

Melanie Sowell Thomas

Ron Zakroff


AND all the others whom I could remember

but for whom I don't have contact information:


Debbie Adler

Helena Bleach

Holly Blue

Debbie Brokenborough

Beth Breyer

Robert Banks Carter Jr.

Jimmy Caspari

Robin Crawford

Len D'allesandro

Randi Davis

David D'Felice

Carl (Chip) Eshe

John Esposto

Harrold Estell

Nina Faragher

Robin Geist

Joanna Grimes

Jeffrey Hatfield

Lynn Hunsberger

Debbie Kesseler

Mike Kewer

Allyson Lamott?

Elizabeth Lewis

Jamie Lieberman

Barry Livingston

Calvin Love

Janet Mandes

Patsy Martin

Thomas Oliver Meek

Michael Menta

Dori Miller??

Philip Miller

Rick Odorisio

Dave Peletier

Paul Polikov

Glenn Puller

Norman Robinson

Lynn Rubenstone

Bobby Shulman

Janice/Roberta Stone

Marion Suchowicki

Ronnie Telfor

Michael Tinsley

Leonard Thomas

Randy Walter

Bob Weldon

Leslie White

Diana Williams

Steven Zaid



Don Buzzard

Perry Dankins

Jonathan Levine



If I've missed anyone, please let me know. (sorry about mis-spellings.)


If any of you who still live around Ardmore have any recommendations

for places to stay for out of town travelers who don't still have family in the area,

I could post those suggestions here.  Hey RickO, what do you think??


I do have a few physical addresses for some of you so

I will try to send out some old fashioned invitations soon.

Barbara Ilgren has offered to help me with that. yay!


As an aside, when Mr. Taylor died, the woman who took care of his estate

sent me a box containing some of his teaching mementos.

I would like to give them away to any of you who would want them.

I think he would have very much liked that.


I'm looking forward to seeing you all,

Arthur Katsapis


this is the same place we met several years ago,

at my sister's house (Karen's, which is where my grandparents lived).